Default language

If more than one language is available, the app chooses the default language for a visitor based on his or her browser.

Use a language other than English

The default language is English, if you want to use another language, please adjust the following.

Copy language file

Copy resources/lang/en/app.php to resources/lang/[two-letter language code]/app.php. Where [two-letter language code] is the language you want to add.

Update the language file accordingly.

Update configuration

Open the .env file in the webroot, and change the DEFAULT_LANGUAGE to the language you want to use. For example:


Use multiple languages

If there is more than one language directory (resources/lang/[two-letter language code]/), a language drop-down will be displayed to change the language.

If you want to disable a language, you have to prefix the directory name with an underscore. For example resources/lang/_en/.