Download Zip

If you open the downloaded zip, you will see a directory structure as below:


The application files are in the htdocs directory. Upload the files in this directory to the webroot of your hosting account.

The script must be installed on a top level domain or subdomain. For instance or Sub-directories like are not supported.

If you want to test on your localhost you have to create a host file entry like linkpages.test. It will not work on urls like

Run installation

Open the url where you have installed the script. You should see a screen as follows:

Installation requirements

Follow the installation steps and the script will be installed in the last step.



If you run into a 500 or other error, check the logs in storage/logs. Send us a support message if you are not sure what the logs mean.


If you want to reinstall the script, just remove the .env file from the webroot. Make sure the .env.example file exists, do not rename it, it will be copied during the installation.