People create free link pages, all linking to your brand.

Link Pages

What is this?

Link Pages is a multi-user script that allows people to create free link pages. In the footer of these pages is a link to a website promoting your brand, products and services. Let the network work for you.

How does this work?

People sign up and create a page with links for free. They get a link to this page which they can use in their social media bio, or ‐ for example ‐ a QR code on a business card. The footer of this page contains a link to the homepage of this script, where the company can promote their brand, products and services.

For who is this?

The script itself is aimed at companies that have brands, products or services that they want to promote. They do this by mentioning and linking what they want to promote on the homepage (see demo).

Who uses this free service?

People who want to create a website quickly and easily with links to their social and/or business links. These could be influencers who want a hub for their social accounts, or people who want a link to their products and services.

Make sure you understand the technical requirements. You get the full source code, so you can modify every part of it. No technical consultancy is included in the price, but customization for companies is possible on the basis of a project agreement.

Getting Started

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